Last Saturday, every Filipino’s fave cola (just because Pepsi ain’t that hot in here compared to Europe or the Mid-East) celebrated their 100 years in the country with our company through a simple luncheon. Part of their marketing and PR strategy for this year to spread “happiness”.
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No, I wasn’t wearing yellow and my hair wasn’t green.*

But I am in an article published in this month’s issue of CodeRED Magazine, a parenting mag. So hide your children. I kid. Or not.

A blogger acquaintance was actually looking for people working in the online field for her article. So I volunteered myself. Not exactly the best way to end up in a magazine. Forced publication anyone? hahahaha!

Since not a lot of people are familiar with the emergence of the importance of online media, and how people work for the medium, I thought it would be a great way to enlighten people. Yes people, some of us get paid to Facebook all day.

Now I would want to post the short write-up here, but that would be against the point of the mag. So just be a dear and grab a copy at your nearest bookstore for only P120.00 DO IT! If not for me, then do it for Sam Concepcion who is on the cover.

I’ve always dreamed of being in a magazine…like Vogue or Rolling Stone. But this would do for now…even though they spelled my name wrong and got my course wrong…

*so if you reached the end of this post without getting the Pop culture reference of my title and my first sentence…it’s from Eraserhead’s song Magasin.


Christmas parties are always interesting events. Even more if they are work Christmas parties. Inhibitions are kinda lowered, you get a chance to talk about non-related work shiz with the people you work with everyday, plus it is a chance to get to know the culture of the workplace beneath the facade of professionalism and all that jazz.

Since it is my first Christmas in my new company, there were some pretty interesting things I found out, like who drank what, who eats more than he should, who is more shala than most, etc.

We had the marketing department Christmas party at Kiss the Cook, Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village. It is a pretty small place that offers gourmet food. Nice relaxed and homey atmosphere. They have really amazing food, at first we thought “Crap, these serving sizes are small!” but when we piled them to our plate “Crap, we can’t finish all of these!”.

Aside from our Christmas party it was also our farewell tribute to our marketing Senior Vice President Elaine Guzman who is retiring. Although I only spent a short time working with her, she’s a really cool boss. Save for when she gets mad because I don’t get things done hahahaha! I will miss you Madame!

Then we had the RSC Christmas Party. It was a costume party with Disney as the theme, since Araneta Coliseum will be having Disney on Ice performances for December. I wanted to be all cool about my costume, so I went as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I thought it would be pretty funny to go as the White Rabbit despite my obviously ebony complexion. Plus I just really wanted to wear rabbit ears ala Hugh Hefner’s beloved Bunnies. Oh yeah!

PS I made my own rabbit ears, and one of my office mates went as Alice, so it was pretty rad! We were the only White Rabbit and Alice in the entire party compared to the bazillion Minnie Mice and Snow Whites.