DISCLAIMER: No mermaids were harmed or sighted in this adventure.

Being born a Piscean I have a natural tendency to love the ocean…and be fishy. So when lova said that she has free tickets to Manila Ocean Park, I knew I just had to go. I mean who doesn’t love seeing marine life? FOR FREE?!

So many fishies to look at, and yet so little time. I wanted to splash away with the the little ichthy-things and sing Under the Sea…or think how they would taste like pan-fried or filleted or as sushi…yum.

The Oceanarium had various spaces named aptly according to the depths of the sea and the fishes were grouped according to each depth.

Looking at all those marine wildlife was wild. There truly are many fish in the sea. All shapes and sizes, all asking for mankind’s intervention to help save them and their rapidly degrading habitats.

I was especially astounded by the shark enclosure. There were so many Jaws stars just waiting for someone to fall in their tank.

But of course the real stars for that day were lova’s younger bro Dave and younger sis Luisa. It was practice parenting at its finest…