So for Christmas I got myself a new toy. Been wanting to change my phone (SE Vivaz Pro) for a few weeks now since I’ve had it for two years already and some of its keys are starting to get real effed up already.

I’m not a big fan of the iPhone. Well maybe the very first one, but the current incarnations (specially the iPhone5), look like bar soaps. They just don’t look sleek enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fan and I just love my iPad 2, but the iPhone just doesn’t feel right for me.

So I got myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 instead. Under the Globe Postpaid Plan 1,799 plus a cash out of Php4,800 under a 24 month contract, I get unlimited data and other freebies. I chose Globe because I’ve never had a problem with their signal before or any of their other services despite them having sucky customer service.


I’ve been using my new baby for a week now, and I must say the Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty powerful device. Its processing power is fast and its functionalities are perfect for power users. Add that with an unli data plan and you are going to feel the fun of it all!

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So now that I have received my backpay from my previous company, I finally get to spend my hard-earned money on a materialistic item that will give me temporary happiness and somehow fill the void in my heart that has long been present. Yes, I fill lacks in my life with material things. Some people eat food to feel loved, I spend on trivial things.

Well, not that trivial as I think what I bought will also help with work. Or at least that is the lie I keep on telling myself to keep me sane. I need constant lies to function.

Say hello to my iPad 2! Actually I wrote this post using my new baby. It is the cheapest one out there. Just the 16gb wi-fi version as I’m not a power user. I just want something pretty to make me feel special.

iPad 2 in black
So there you go. Are you an iPad 2 user as well? Maybe you would like to share some of the apps that you are using.