Super 8 is not a band of eight kids who turned into superheroes. Super 8 only stars six kids. Six kids who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time while filming an amateur zombie short film.

Super 8 is not the title of the film the kids were filming. It is actually a brand of film developed by Kodak.

Super 8 is not great. Super 8 is AWESOME!

Super 8

The movie combines suspense, mystery, action, drama, and comedy all in one flick. It makes you love an alien monster. It makes you want to be a stupid kid again. It makes you want to miss the 60s and all the potheads.

The train crash scene really got me on the edge of my seat! All the explosions, the adrenaline, it was one of the best train explosion scenes I have ever seen. Then again you don’t get a lot of train explosion scenes in movies.

It is a perfect father’s day film as it explores the relationship between dads and their kids. It is a cool coming of age movie that is made colorful by a monstrous multi-limbed alien with puffy dog eyes, lots and lots of explosions (not to mention a pyromaniac kid), and of course a cliched but really funny amateur film in the end credits (yes, you have to watch the film until the ending credits to see the film the kids made).

This film isn’t as mind boggling as the other movies of Abrams, but it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside after seeing it. So I’m good with it. Besides, I’m tired of seeing movies where aliens are always the bad guys. I’m just a sucker for misunderstood “villains”. Issues…

By the way, I just love the perks of my job. Sigh…