Every once in a while my mind is blown by some amazing artist. Then I obsess with that artist’s music for a week or so and then move on. I’ve been obsessing with a particular one now for two weeks. This is not healthy.

Back in the 90s Robyn was known for her sweet pop Show Me Love which every teener from that era seemed to enjoy as background music in his/her head whilst looking at his/her crush. I know I did…and I wasn’t even a teener yet back then. Yes, I was born maharot.

Now her reinvention to this electro-techno-pop diva is simply astounding. I love her. I adore her. I worship the paint-stricken walls where she did her cobrastyle (whatever that is…), the dark corners where she danced alone, the weird boxes where she bopped her head and booty, and the animated geometric shapes that beat with her heart. I want to hang with her. I’m even beginning to have my very own criminal intents with her.

The reason why I love her so much besides her groovy videos? Her lyrics are the emo-est in the world, but her beats are the most heart-pounding. Every song crushes and then resurrects your heart with every word and every beat over and over again. Then you begin to understand why she has platinum blonde hair…its because she is simply amazing.

So friends if ever you see me one of these days with a platinum blonde bob do, please don’t be surprised. A little Robyn told me to do it.

In the meantime, Imma be doing my own style ala bom-diddi-bom di-dang di-dang diggi-diggi.

Follow the forever alone dance steps: