So I finally got a third tattoo.

Got this one Toxz Tattoo at Robinson’s Pioneer. 

Basically it’s a Tibetan calligraphy of “I am going to die” which can be found in this site


Being reminded of one’s mortality, hopefully I will be reminded to appreciate life more, to live it to the fullest and to free my spirit from the negativity and tribulations that surround me. that life is fleeting and death is a fact. Choosing to put it on my right forearm along my wrist and veins is, a translation of life flowing through my veins. Or basta something to that effect…

But basically that is just my obnoxious and melodramatic way of saying of “keep calm, be still, live life!” on my skin.

Over and out!


I always welcome birthdays with mixed emotions. Part of me is happy because it’s my day in the sun. It’s “Me” Day. The one day of the year that I can rightfully feel special.

Another part of me feels frustrated and sad. I am another year older, but what have I really accomplished in life? I am getting older. I am no longer young. Shit just got real.

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