For its sem starter, the UP PR+Advertising Society (UP PRAds) successfully launched its first publicity party—Circuit: Boot up. Plug in. Be electrified.

A semester spent in preparations, months of correspondence with sponsors and a postponement due to Ondoy’s wrath were finally put to rest as November 14 marked the event’s resurrection. A resurrection so grand it was like Easter came early.

A better and hotter venue was used for the night while two DJs spinned the night away with glorious beats. Online sellers from Multiply converged for a night of glamorous fashion and sexy capitalism. Two open bar setups and dozens of freebies later, and the night is a ringing success for a starting organization.

Thanks a bunch to my co-organizer , without who this electro-glam “debut ng bading” would never be possible!

For those who missed it, too bad, for those who enjoyed it: thanks a bunch. And for those wanting more, watch out for our next big event!