So Day 2 of our Baguio trip came at last. Also known as Benggang-bengga sa Panagbenga.

Now nothing much happened during the parade except that I can no longer feel my legs and feet after three hours of standing in a an overpass filled and bursting to the brim with people.

So just hover over every pic to see what I have to say for each and every captured moment.

Here’s my Day 1 adventure just in case you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

And here is Lova’s post which made my telephoto lens weep



So for the first time ever in life I was able to travel alone. Well not really alone-nobody-loves-me-alone, more of I-am-not-with-my-parents-and-I’ll-be-paying-for-all-my-shit-on-this-trip ALONE. Plus two good friends. Who are also the latter definition “alone.”

So why the hell did I drag up my ass to the cold mountainsides of Baguio and endure six hours of an ass-numbing bus ride?

Because I just wanted to see flowers.

Some goddamn amazing flowers.

Which we didn’t get to see until Day 2.

Oh and by the way the whole essence of the trip turned out to be pretty weird: have pictures taken with United Colors of Benetton people aka as the midnight we arrived at Baguio, I got stoned.

So after scouring the city center for shiz to take photos of. We went outside of the city to go to Tam-Awan Village. An artsy-fartsy recreation of a traditional Ifugao village. Now we love the Tam-Awans, because they had amazingly long legs. Or we just assumed that, because the steps going around the village were pretty steep. One wrong step and it’s bye bye composure, hello nasty fall.

So there were a lot of sculptures around the place. But they didn’t have any names. So I have taken the liberty of naming these anitos and sculptures.

Of course none of all these would ever happen without my partners in crime: Lova and Jean. Yes, I share the same name with a friend. If you could only see us every time Lova would introduce us when the three of us are together. “They are the Jeans.”

So that was how the first day turned out. Now about the first night. Now that’s a different story all together…

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