The Japanese people are cool. They gave us anime, Sony, Honda, and of course lotsa good food. But this ain’t about sushi. This is about hapa. Lots and lots of hapa.

Hapa is actually a Hawaiian (the Japanese part of this post will come in a bit hihihi) term which means half or a portion of. That is just what Hapadog is all about.

Hapadog is an innovative foodie’s dream: a mix of good old American hotdog goodness and Japanese flavor awesomeness. Hotdogs are given a Japanese twist that will surely satisfy tongues that are craving for something new.

Now Lova and I were lucky enough to discover Hapadog at the Sky Garden of SM North. Even luckier to be treated to a free sampling of one of their shots. But before we go alcoholic on this, lemme tell you about the eats first.

So we got a hapa korokke dog each. Your average hotdog with a crunchy layer of fried mashed potato, nori bits, and a flavorful drizzling of what I think are teriyaki and garlic sauces. Yum! We also got crunchy on the outside and tenderly juicy in the inside chicken karaage. Nomnomnom!

Now let’s go alcoholic! Besides your usual lineup of iced teas and juices, Hapadog also serves shots and long drinks. We got a Hiroshima bomb which is basically I have no idea what. First there was a shot of sake, and then it was placed on two chopsticks balanced on top of a glass of I forgot what. hahaha! Then we were instructed by the friendly host to bang (yes bang…but not THAT kind of bang) our table so the shot glass will fall down inside the bigger glass. Bombs away we did! It was awesome…and so was the drink. hahaha!

Next we got a taste of the free shot! Now anything free is good, but a free shot is even better! The Hot Fuji Apple Pie was a fiery (literally, cause you have to light it on fire then sprinkle cinnamon in it while chanting incantations to banish Voldemort) delight of a drink. It really tasted like apple pie!

Now if by this time your mouth hasn’t watered yet…or maybe you haven’t even reached this part of the post yet because you dragged your ass to SM North already, then it would be wise for you to check out their website to know more about their other hapadogs and offerings (which are all kawaii-ly named). Like their Facebook page too and try checking them out as well at the Midnight Mercato at BGC.