*Lusting at Nagsasa

No electricity. Few people. Isolated location. It’s a place perfect for zombie apocalypse training.

So during the first two days of the Papal Visit to the Philippines, I was able to take an overnight nature trip with some officemates to Nagsasa, a cove in the province of Zambales. Nagsasa Cover Continue reading



Aside from enjoying the sun, sea, and shots of the island paradise that is Boracay, we also had to eat.

Now I’m not too adventurous when it comes to food. So I stuck it out with Manila favorites which happened to have a place at Boracay. Well except for one. 


My favorite Pinoy fusion restaurant! It has a restaurant beside Regency at Station 2, and this Mesa is AMesaing! (pinagpilitan…)

Service is really good and it is just wonderful to sit there and eat great food while the sea breeze gently strokes your face.

So we had my all time favorite Sisig in a Pouch, your favorite sisig wrapped in a crunchy deep-fried dimsum wrapper. Heaven with every bite really.


Their Grilled Honey BBQ Chicken is enough for two. Juicy and tender, this piece of fowl will challenge your favorite Inasal chicken any day…and win.


 And finally their Laing Rice which turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! Just the right amount of shrimpy stock flavored the rice and it wasn’t spicy at all! Which is why I love it! Will definitely make you want more carbs.



If I can’t enjoy Greek food while basking in the beaches of Santorini, then might as well settle for good old Cyma. I found out too late though from le BFF that there’s another Greek food place at Boracay. Oh well, conquering that place will be my next objective for visiting Boracay soon. Hahaha!


Lamb Gyro is what you call love wrapped in a pita bread in Greek. A staple order for me even back here in Manila. Their Moussaka is what every meal should be: a complete and balanced diet in one plate. It has eggplant (which is a veggie) and ground beef (which is protein) all layered and topped with creamy béchamel sauce (which is carbs if I’m not mistaken). So I love it, and you should too.



This place was kind of a letdown. It looks pretty nice but their Pasta Alfredo is bland. Like really bland. We used up almost all of their salt and pepper and we still weren’t happy.


The Fish & Chips were thankfully delicious as well as their Potato Chips. But nothing special. I thought I would enjoy their mix of Iced Tea and Lemonade, but turned out I find it too sour although it is quite refreshing.



Read how my Boracay trip turned out all in all here.


And by shots I mean alcoholic shooters.

That is basically how I spent my weekend at Boracay last week. Bask in the sun. Swim in the sea. Down some shots. FREE shots, mind you, because the bartender had a cute crush on my friend.


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