Saw Juana C. The Movie on its last showing date (giving way to the new Superman movie…which was sad) last night.

It was an interesting movie which tackled many socio-political aspects of everday Filipino life. I was disappointed though.

Disappointed that not a lot of Pinoys were able to watch it. (I guess most would rather watch foreign films, and it only ran for a week in the cinemas)

It’s pretty interesting how it showed the raw and ugly side of political corruption in the country in a funny parody. But while I was watching it I can’t laugh at scenes that were supposed to be funny. I couldn’t laugh because at the back of my mind there’s a voice telling me “Crap, this is how it really is…”

It is difficult to condense so many ideas in a short movie, but Juana C was able to do it. It wasn’t flawless, but the entirety of the message was there. I specially liked the Super Supreme Connections Manager. She was a natural for that role. Sophisticated bitch. Loved her to bits.

Kudos to Juana Change (Mae Paner) and Director Jade Castro for a great job on this movie. A great way to push for social awareness. Now if there’s one superhero flick you should have watched this year, it was this one.


So for Christmas I got myself a new toy. Been wanting to change my phone (SE Vivaz Pro) for a few weeks now since I’ve had it for two years already and some of its keys are starting to get real effed up already.

I’m not a big fan of the iPhone. Well maybe the very first one, but the current incarnations (specially the iPhone5), look like bar soaps. They just don’t look sleek enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fan and I just love my iPad 2, but the iPhone just doesn’t feel right for me.

So I got myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 instead. Under the Globe Postpaid Plan 1,799 plus a cash out of Php4,800 under a 24 month contract, I get unlimited data and other freebies. I chose Globe because I’ve never had a problem with their signal before or any of their other services despite them having sucky customer service.


I’ve been using my new baby for a week now, and I must say the Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty powerful device. Its processing power is fast and its functionalities are perfect for power users. Add that with an unli data plan and you are going to feel the fun of it all!

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