Finally I now have time again to face the computer and type away for this blog. First in the agenda would be my semestral assessment of the first semester of my senior year.

Now I know a lot of you guys enjoyed my themed assessment last year, so now I’ll be doing everyone a favor by combining supposedly two blog topics into one: my semestral assessment and my latest couch potato addiction—Glee.

Anthro 170 (Anthropology of Language) – boring and dragging, this subject is just like Take A Bow by Lea Michele. It sound nice in the beginning, but after some time of listening to it, you get bored and just wish the subject finally takes a bow. But when you do get the grade, you realize: it wasn’t so bad after all. Makes you even want to listen to it again.

Anthro 187 (Sex and Culture) – this subject has got to be the craziest subject I have ever taken! Rehab by Vocal Adrenaline suits this subject well. Why? I dare you to name any other subject which ended as early as September, where all you talk about is sex in all its glory, and where being horny is justified and promoted. Not to mention a fabulous party for the last meeting where everyone let loose big time.

Socio 132 (Sociology of Deviance) – now it may sound boring, but this class is actually my favorite. The only class where I consciously made an effort to meet all the requirements due to the combination of having interesting topics like death, murder, and autism and having a pretty professor. This has got to be the mash up of It’s My Life and Confessions by the Glee boys. Take them separately and they are passé, combine the two and you get pure bliss. Plus the grade I got wasn’t bad either! Take that grade-conscious Socio majors!!

PI 100 (Philippine Icon: Rizal) – whenever I remember how my PI class went, I just want to sing Bust Your Windows by Amber Riley. The class has got to be the suckiest required subject I have ever taken in my miserable college life. I tried to be a good student by meeting all the requirements, attending classes regularly and I still got a fuckfest of a grade. No thanks to the prof’s promise of an easy grade as long as I attended classes. Imma bust her for that!

Comm Research 125 (Computer Learning) – easiest uno I got in my entire life. Short, sweet, and satisfyingly easy. Just like Diana Agron’s Say A Little Prayer. You just sit in class once a week to do mundane activities in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Easy as pie. Need I say more?

Journalism 195 (Lifestyle Reporting) – you would think that this subject is all about interviewing fashion designers, tasting great food, meeting artists and writing about their works and watching the Devil Wears Prada on your first meeting. Well, you’re right. But just like Chris Colfer’s gay rendition of Defying Gravity, it ain’t all that. I was barely able to keep things afloat in this class especially for the final requirement: a mini thesis on a societal subject concerned with either religion or media. But just like Elphie and Kurt, I was able to defy gravity and get a good enough grade. Reached that high F after all.

Journalism 199 (Thesis Writing) – set me free, why don’t you baby? Yes, this is Dianna Agron’s You Keep Me Hangin’ On. Definitely my most stressful subject this semester, and the worst part is, I have to continue working on my thesis until I graduate. Well, I do hope for my sake that I will be able to hang on long enough for me to finish it.

So that was how my first semester went. And that is how Sue, C’s it.