So I finally got a third tattoo.

Got this one Toxz Tattoo at Robinson’s Pioneer. 

Basically it’s a Tibetan calligraphy of “I am going to die” which can be found in this site


Being reminded of one’s mortality, hopefully I will be reminded to appreciate life more, to live it to the fullest and to free my spirit from the negativity and tribulations that surround me. that life is fleeting and death is a fact. Choosing to put it on my right forearm along my wrist and veins is, a translation of life flowing through my veins. Or basta something to that effect…

But basically that is just my obnoxious and melodramatic way of saying of “keep calm, be still, live life!” on my skin.

Over and out!



So because there was talk that the rapture would be happening on May 21, I decided to spend the rest of my hours on earth before a zombie apocalypse by watching a movie.

No, it wasn’t an Aga-Angel movie. I decided to watch Priest. Because it was timely with the rapture and the best way to spend your remaining hours on earth is to bask in the hot glories of Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, and Maggie Q.

Priest is a post-apocalyptic movie about how the Church has become so badass its priests are now highly capable warriors with fierce red cross markings on their foreheads. The Church is the last frontier, tasked not only with spiritual guidance but also protection from the outside world that has become a wasteland home to vampires that they thought they have eliminated long ago.

The story of Priest isn’t special. It is very direct and even something to be expected considering its genre. It is a story of redemption and going badass action on monsters that try to kidnap your daughter, a daughter you fathered before you pledged unwavering loyalty to the Church which turned out to be disillusioned with pride and ego. Sounds too familiar with the real life Church?

Now if you really want to watch this movie, do it for the fight scenes and the beautifully created setting. Real eye candy. Plus the creepy vampires are really creepy and will shock the bejeezus out of you in the most shocking moments. Shocker.

The social commentary, yes there was one, of the movie on the Church’s hardheadedness to cling to the old ways and refuse to evolve with the needs of its flock is a direct reflection of real life. That the Church has become just an establishment, and is as far removed from what God is supposed to represent as humans are. But if priests were as hot as Paul Bettany or  Maggie Q, then I am so going to church despite their hardheadedness on the RH Bill. Yes, I just went there.

So now that 6pm has come and gone and I am still here. There are only two reasons: either I’m going to hell caused I missed the rapture, or the rapture has been delayed so I can watch the second installment of Priest.

Or maybe a third reason. That the Mayans are right…oooh.


Just a few months ago I was able to get my very first tattoo. Just last Saturday I was able to get my second one. Because I just love feeling pain.

My second tattoo was done by the same artist who made my first one but the design I got isn’t an original one. I just found the squiggly face of Buddha in the expansive recesses of the Internet.

Now why would I pick Buddha to be placed on the outer side of my right leg? Because I can. Hahahaha! But seriously, my reason is both aspirational and reflective.

My placement of the tattoo on my leg is a literal translation of my aspiration to walk the path of Buddha, at least that of the Mahayana Buddha at least. Of course I can never really do it because I just love meat and material possessions too much, but I wish to live an enlightened life. One that is in constant chase of the truth and one that accepts its falterings but is willing to reach betterment step by step.

I am not a religious person. But I would like to believe that I am spiritual. Buddhist philosphy actually has interesting teachings that make sense to me more than the rigid and traditional beliefs of Roman Catholicism. Mahayan Buddhism is introspective while Catholicism comes off to me as just plain dictative and bureaucratic.

Hopefully with this tattoo I will be reminded to soul-search every now and then with every step I take in this life.

Plus I just really like the smoothness of my legs when I shave it. Really smooth…thanks Veet!

I also like to thank my one and only Lova who puts up with my craziness all the time, and for partially sponsoring this tattoo. Because she is awesome that way.