This is not about BDSM. I wish it is, but it’s not.

Lately I’ve been learning to appreciate leather goods more, and this post is all about the great leather and leather-ish finds I’ve found so far.

First on my list is this cool leather clutch/iPad sleeve from an online store called The Lost Nomad. I happened to chance upon them during a trip to The Collective in Makati. What was originally just a food trip to Wingman turned to a shopping stop over. There was a shop-for-a-cause event for Yolanda victims, and TLN had a booth. I fell in love with their bags at first sight! So I got this nifty iPad clutch than can also double as a sling. Pretty nifty eh?


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There’s this sculpture by Bernini called the Ecstasy of St. Theresa. I know about it from reading Angels & Demons.

There is also a drug called ecstasy, used by ravers when they party. I haven’t tried using that.

But what I recently discovered in one of the recesses of Cubao X, that is really ecstatic, is a sweet little place called Sweet Ecstasy.

After a drunken night from my favorite Cubao X bar, troop down to this place and partake of sweet delights to lift you from your drunken haze. The place also serves as a gallery for artists. So that’s food for your tummy AND for your artistic soul. They even serve milk in cute milk pint containers! How awesome is that?!


I got the sweet and salty chewy goodness that is Butterscotch and Bacon (Yes! It has bacon!) for only P35 and my friend orgasmed with Salted Caramel until she passed out (well she actually didn’t) for only P65. Then we drowned all our feelings with a quarter serving of milk (they have three sizes to choose from).

It was awesome.

So if you have feelings, or you just want to eat something sweet after a drinking spree, then Sweet Ecstasy at Cubao X is the place to be.


Meat is love. If you are a vegan, please go away. I love my meat and I am not afraid to show it. Animals were meant to be eaten. Except the cute ones and the icky ones. I kid. (right…)

Having said that, let me introduce you to the stars of this post, the meat dishes of Fred’s Revolucion which I tried with some friends a night before my birthday.


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