Dear Blog,

Here I am three months after graduation, entering my fourth month of unemployment. Such a big word “unemployment” is. People expect that as a graduate of UP getting a job is a piece of cake. NOT!

Fact 1: The world economy is not so perky, many companies are reluctant to accept new people.

Fact 2: The Philippines is a third-world country where unemployment is prevalent and underemployment is quite common.

Fact 3: If you are a graduate of UP getting a job is easier compared to other graduates of other universities or colleges, BUT getting the job that you would want is a whole different thing.

Which brings us to…

Fact 4: Jean Lander Agor is unemployed not by mere choice or lack of trying and wanting but because he doesn’t want to be underemployed and be unhappy in his future workplace.

The problem with me perhaps is that I am not a “settler”. I know what I want and I seldom “settle” for anything less if I know I can realistically get what I want. It’s not that I am choosy, I just know for a fact that when I get into something I know I won’t enjoy, I’ll be more of a liability than an asset and I would just be wasting precious time for that company.

Since my bumhood I have somewhat lost my purpose, so to redeem my dying ego I tried to redirect my energies to leisurely activities. Operative words are TRIED and LEISURELY. Rereading books, practicing my Photoshop and Premiere skills, playing Sims 2 and other computer games, memorizing the schedule of all our cable channels, and helping my mom with her paper works and errands (aka be the driver and grocer) are just some of the activities I indulge in nowadays.

I am hoping against hope that this dry spell in my life would end soon. But until I come across that job that I am into and would be happy in, I am relying on my closest friends to bear with me and feed me with lies I need to hear to stay sane.


Your Bum Creator



So I was away for a weekend at Ilocos last week, and it was a nice change to be away from the soot and heat of the Metro for a while.

It was my first time to drive outside of Metro Manila and provincial driving is one helluva experience for me. It was effin stressful trying to overtake slow vehicles just so we wouldn’t have to drive for days to reach Ilocos.

The adrenaline rush of overtaking—sometimes more than two vehicles—at more than 100 km/h in a two lane road was like Russian roulette on the road. After every successful overtake, blood begins to rush back to your head and life never seemed more vibrant. It was like a short and quick dose of cocaine every time…not that I would know of course…or do I?

On the way to spending a few hours in the wonderful beaches of Pagudpud, we were able to visit the oldest lighthouse in the country at cape Bojeador as well as the windmills of Bangui.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

By the windmills of Bangui

While on the long and winding roads of Ilocos, one can’t help but wonder on the developments it has gone through over the years. Despite becoming more and more modern, the region has painstakingly maintained its rich cultural heritage. It has successfully meshed the old and new while going on the road to the future.

I may not be able to understand and speak Ilocano as fluently as my parents (much to their disdain), but my pride in my Ilocano heritage will forever remain.


So here I am after more than a month of bumming around while pretending to look for a suitable job, trying to resurrect myself from the void that my life has become so far.

So what has happened to my miserable life for the past two months?

Well I am proud to say that I have already GRADUATED!!!! (insert “We are the Champions” song…)

Yes people, I have finally finished the academic race…and with kinda flying colors no less. I was able to finish the race CUM LAUDE, and I am proud of it. All those sleepless nights and burnt eyebrows finally paid off with that awe-inspiring Latin phrase uttered after my name when I walked on stage.

But what was probably the cherry on top of my last year in UP was the wonderful graduation party I helped to organize along with the rest of the CMC Graduation Committee 2010. Antithesis which was the ultimate college party for me (mainly because everyone, and I mean everyone, got wasted) for two reasons: despite the small number of CMC graduates who attended, everyone had an awesome time AND all the hard work we put in organizing it was worth the blurry spoken words of drunken thanks during the end of the night and the morning after.

Team Antithesis with KJ, Mandi, head honcho Chino, Riziel, and Me

So what else happened to my dreary life while the rest of the universe passed by uncaringly? Well I was able to spend a weekend in Ilocos and attend my very first Philippine Fashion Week! But those are separate stories all together.

Meanwhile I will be poring over the Sunday newspaper and various online sites looking for that elusive job worthy of me. Until then, keep on reading this blog for whatever updates there may be on my life.