So during the Holy Week I was able to spend a lot of alone time. Literally alone. Which was kind of…irritating to say the least.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do not equate being alone to loneliness. But it can get pretty lonely when you are alone, that is exactly why I hate being alone. Then again, sometimes you just wish to be alone for a while, because only when you are alone do you begin to appreciate yourself better (or less).

Now what is the point of all this? I have no friggin’ idea. Sometimes you just sit in front of your computer so you can hear the clickety-click of your keyboard so you can be reminded that there are other sounds than the sound of alone-ness.

Or I just really want to post something because this blog desperately needs some lovin.

Plus this photo definitely deserves to be part of a blog post…of any kind. Any.