The First Big Party 2011 at the World Trade Center…was…S-M-A-S-H-I-N-G.  I mean…you…can’t…even. I died.

Right now as I write this entry I am still dead…from breathing the same smoke-infested, alcohol-fumed, sweat-odored, air as DJ Bob Sinclar for a good five hours…it was pure House heaven.

It was an mazing night made even more amazing by uber great lova and my LHW Jean

We danced until the wee hours of the morning, danced with random members of United Colors of Benetton, danced and been harassed (much to my delight…kinda) by a random Serial Perv who just loves to clap while dancing hahahahaha, danced to a reggae version of I Got A  Feeling, danced like there’s no tomorrow to Love Generation, danced to the new beat that is Tik Tok, and danced until my feet are like appendages that I have no control over anymore.

I just wished I danced with that one person who danced beside me but as usual I never had the guts to actually ask…

Still it was an amazing night…definitely my first big party for the year!!