Sucker punch – n. an unexpected blow

Freedom never tasted this good. This is The Matrix on crack. With hot babes.

Babydoll, Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, Madam Gorski, Amber

Sucker Punch is a vivid juxtaposition of a dark reality and a fantastical imagination. All in the mind of a conniving girl named Babydoll. This is my kind of movie: fast paced, dark, imaginative, and features badass girls who know how to kick some butt while wearing provocative outfits and rocking awesome hair and eyelashes.

“You are afraid. Don’t be. You have all the weapons you need.” – Madam Gorski

The mind is limitless. It is boundless. With it we can temporarily escape the harshness of reality. It is all the weapon we will really need to fight for survival. For freedom. For our own sanity. So for your own sanity let us look at both the good and bad points of the movie.

Good points:

– Amazing soundtrack

– Fierce costumes

– Perfect makeup (I mean come on, Babydoll is crying buckets and her eye shadow is still great)

– Well choreographed fight scenes

– Eye candy visuals, eye candy characters, eye candy everything

Bad points:

– Vanessa Hudgens

– inconsistencies in timeline (setting is 1950s, then why the hell was the guard in the escape scene wearing earphones?)

– typical Snyder (slow mo action shots, tight shots of everything tight, burial scene reminded me of the burial scene from Watchmen)

– Vanessa Hudgens

– Vanessa Hudgens

So that’s basically it. Watch it. Because it has Gatling gun-wielding samurais, undead steam punk soldiers, a pissed momma dragon, shiny robot gunmen, girls in skimpy clothes, and a Polish-accented MILF with a bejeweled mole. What more can you ask for?

Oh and because Babydoll knows the forever alone dance steps…hahahahaha!