My buddy from MCO made this poem for me. Thanks Joey it was really nice. 🙂 By the way Joey is a girl…Marijoe kasi.

I think you can say that I’m lucky
to have him as my buddy.
He is so cool and jolly,
let’s not forget he’s also funny.

He convinced me not to quit
because I’m next in line to be it
and I didn’t defer like the rest
that’s why I’m here doing my best.

This little poem is not about me
but about this person named Jean.
He was born in March seventeen
and adores the color green.

He showers using Clear
kaya he’s gwapo when he appears.
Safeguard makes his body clean
just like a queen.

He loves to watch Glee
and hear them sing.
But can he perform like them?
That I have to see.

Jean loves to eat and eat
may it be Mcdonald’s or isaw sa street
But isn’t it amazing why he’s so thing?
You want to scream fuckyeahskinnybitch.

Jean is a sinner
But 7 Deadly Jeans is a winner.
Read his blogspot posts
coz everything in there just blows.

Jean is on his way there.
On his way to being great
College will be over for him soon,
his thesis will definitely make us swoon

I will stop right here praising Jean
for it might have no end.
In the coming days I’m excited
to bond with him over some Bacardi.