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This is not about BDSM. I wish it is, but it’s not.

Lately I’ve been learning to appreciate leather goods more, and this post is all about the great leather and leather-ish finds I’ve found so far.

First on my list is this cool leather clutch/iPad sleeve from an online store called The Lost Nomad. I happened to chance upon them during a trip to The Collective in Makati. What was originally just a food trip to Wingman turned to a shopping stop over. There was a shop-for-a-cause event for Yolanda victims, and TLN had a booth. I fell in love with their bags at first sight! So I got this nifty iPad clutch than can also double as a sling. Pretty nifty eh?


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Saw Juana C. The Movie on its last showing date (giving way to the new Superman movie…which was sad) last night.

It was an interesting movie which tackled many socio-political aspects of everday Filipino life. I was disappointed though.

Disappointed that not a lot of Pinoys were able to watch it. (I guess most would rather watch foreign films, and it only ran for a week in the cinemas)

It’s pretty interesting how it showed the raw and ugly side of political corruption in the country in a funny parody. But while I was watching it I can’t laugh at scenes that were supposed to be funny. I couldn’t laugh because at the back of my mind there’s a voice telling me “Crap, this is how it really is…”

It is difficult to condense so many ideas in a short movie, but Juana C was able to do it. It wasn’t flawless, but the entirety of the message was there. I specially liked the Super Supreme Connections Manager. She was a natural for that role. Sophisticated bitch. Loved her to bits.

Kudos to Juana Change (Mae Paner) and Director Jade Castro for a great job on this movie. A great way to push for social awareness. Now if there’s one superhero flick you should have watched this year, it was this one.