This is such a feel good book. Despite the fact that it is actually about a kid suffering from depression.

You gotta admit, life can get pretty tough at times and the best of us lose it from time to time and we all lose to our “tentacles” sooner or later. Only thru finding “anchors” can we really be stable and functional. No matter how small and immaterial these anchors may be.

I have my own share of bouts of depression (try seeing me during Valentines, everytime it rains, December, and whenever I pay my bills), and it really is a fucked-up little place to be in. Sometimes talking with someone doesn’t help and finding someone to talk to about it is even harder to do. So we all come up with our own ways to cope with it.

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I know that appreciating this book is pretty late, with the movie being done and over with already.

I’ve been in a kind of slump for a few weeks now and I think this book was what I needed to read.

It is a beautiful book. Short and sweet. Actually not sweet because it tackles depression and my favorite topic of all time: breaking the vicious cycle.

Now for many this is about love. I find it to be about life. It is about acknowledging the immensity of life and how puny our little lives are compared to the rest of the universe, but how we all seem to be “united” in living life, and how by living our lives we make it bigger than they actually are.

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