7 Deadly Jeans


I am a sinner, I am not pristine,

I have a lot of problems, tons of sins.

In chores and mundane work,

I am a sloth that just sits back.

For techy gadgets that I see,

I feel nothing but pure envy.

I hate loneliness, I despise silence,

That’s why I’m greedy for friends and resilience.

I love eating, just the thought makes me hungry,

For chocolates and burgers, nothing but gluttony.

To so many things I am allergic,

So I lust for the feel of not being asthmatic.

Cheaters, traffic, and slow moving lines,

Incurs my wrath to no surprise.

I have a lot of issues, problems that I cried,

But in the end when I reflect, it was just my stupid pride.


12 thoughts on “QUI et QUOI?

  1. hmmm…there’s a link to UP MCO…were you a member, btw? I was one of the founding members…incorporator, actually. =)

    I followed you from ayla’s site.

    • Yep! Proud alumnus! Wow! So you actually met THE Marvin Victoriano? hahaha! I was an MPRT (Media and Public Relations Team) Director back in my time. 🙂

      • haha. The Marvin Victoriano na ba siya ngayon? uhmmm…you know Reev (robledo) right? or even Data (does she still teach in CMC?) tanungin mo sila kung kilala ko si marvin. ahahahaah!

      • Naging THE lang siya kasi all applicants should know him. hahahaha

        Maam Data Canlas and Reev, I see them around. But I never got the chance to have them as profs so I really don’t know them that well. Yung mga younger MCOers na BroadComm major, mas close sila. 🙂

      • ah really? Data and Reev were my batchmates in CMC. Both of them are Broad majors, ako Journ.

        Anyways, Marvin was the first president kasi of MCO. Blockmates kami ni Marvin, he was the blockhead, I was the assistant blockhead. He was also my boyfriend during the time (ahaha!) but we’ve remained friends over the years. In fact, I sent him a text message to tell him about your question. Also told him to visit MCO one of these days so the resident mems could meet him. 🙂

      • Old flame pala! hahahaha MCO Night will be held this July, it’s an annual reunion for current members and alumni. Perhaps, you guys would be interested in going. 😀

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